Free eBooks

I have the following eBooks that I have written which are available for Free download.

  • Securing the Network: An eBook on Corporate Security Issues for the Non Technical (40 Pages)
  • Oracle Database 10g Exam Cram (70 Pages)

Please confirm your Name and Email Address, and select the book you would like from the dropdown menu, and your book will be with you shortly.

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XojoBuildingBlocks Taking Shape

I’m gradually starting to build up the XojoBuildingBlocks resources. Suggestions, links and advice all gratefully received. So far I have built the outlines, with minimal content, for the following pages;

I’ve also had some stickers and other promotional materials created which have turned out very well, and will no doubt be of use for forthcoming events I have in mind 🙂



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oneSQL Now Available

oneSQL is now available to download, free of charge.  This is a Beta Version of oneSQL which means that it is nearly ready for general release but may still have some bugs, be incomplete in some areas, have a lack of documentation or other issues.

This current version appears stable and working well – but I welcome your feedback.

In particular if you use Linux I would love your feedback as so far I have been unable to test on Linux.

I only ask for your Name and Email Address and I will send you the current version of oneSQL. Your email address will not be sold or abused in any way – so don’t feel uncomfortable giving me that information. Your email address will only be used for communication regarding oneSQL unless you agree otherwise.

Having got the above out of the way I perhaps ought to explain what oneSQL is and why you should care;

oneSQL is a Software Program that allows you to send SQL Query SELECT‘s and other SQL Commands to either a SQLite or MySQL database. oneSQL is written using the DataViewer Components for Xojo and RealStudio.

oneSql is a Stand Alone SQL Query and Data Export Tool for SQLite and MySQL on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Why Use oneSQL ?

  • One SQL Query Tool for Mac OSX, Windows or Linux
  • One SQL Query Tool for both SQLite and MySQL
  • No Installation Required
  • Very Lightweight, Approx 6Mb
  • Simple, Fair and Inexpensive Licensing
  • Easy and Simple to Use
  • Written and Supported in the United Kingdom

Some More Benefits

  • Shows All Database Objects, Tables, View and Columns Etc.
  • Drag and Drop Database objects into the SQL
  • Double Click Database objects to Copy to Clipboard
  • Customised Results Grid, Font, Size, Stripe, Divider Etc.
  • Dynamic SQL Keyword Highlighting
  • User Definable Keywords List
  • Each Select Reporty the Time Taken
  • Export Results Data in Tab Delimited, CSV or JSON Formats
  • Save and Load SQL Scripts
  • One Click for Record Count, any Table
  • One Click to Fetch 20 Records for Quick Query
  • One Click to Fetch All Records
  • Insert a SQL Template
  • Reactive Results List – Auto ‘Fit to Grid’ or ‘Show Horizontal Scrollbar’
  • SQL History List – Double Click to Recall
  • Windows Sizes and Positions Saved on Exit
  • List View Configurations Saved on Exit

Q: What is the difference between oneSql and DataViewer ? A: oneSql is a stand alone application for querying, editing and manipulating SQLite and MySQL databases. DataViewer is the necessary Modules and Windows to allow you to incorporate the querying functionality into your own software, and restrict access for the end user to the database(s) you need them to access only.

oneSQL Legend oneSQLoneSQL3


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DataViewer [Update] 1802

This latest update to the DataViewer components for Xojo and REALStudio contains the following enhancement:

  • The Database Objects Viewer window has been redesigned.

DV DBObjects 121


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WordPress 101

Setting up a basic WordPress Blog is very simple. There are however a few things you should do afterwards in order to make your Blog more attractive to both your Human visitors and the Search Engine Crawlers.
This is not a definitive list, just a few suggestions that I have found useful myself. I will add to this list over time.
  • Install the Jetpack plugin
  • Install the Askimet plugin
  • Create a Google XML Sitemap
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Install the All-In-One SEO Pack
  • Setup an About page
  • Setup a Contact Page
  • Setup Social Media Share buttons
  • Setup a ‘Like’ button
Update 19/02/2014:
  • Pagebuilder Plugin by SiteOrigin


I intend to document this list in detail when I get some time, so watch this space 🙂

Mastermind Group

Amber Valley Mastermind Group


One of my 2014 goals. We have only had two meetings so far, but so far so good. Currently looking at the structure of the meetings to provide optimum value to the participants … Not just having a laugh and drinking Starbucks 🙂

More information on Mastermind Groups can be found here:


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Sorting and Archiving

Sell Some • Bin Some • Keep Some

In my ongoing quest to reinvent myself this year I’ve been sorting out my Software Products and archiving Source Code, Documentation, Images, Demo Movies etc. The image below is most of the software products I have written since 2009, mostly in Xojo / Realstudio, some in VB.Net, C#.Net and a couple in CoronaSDK.

I would never have guessed there would be quite so many 🙂


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Top 100 Business Books

I’ve had this list of the Top 100 Business Books for some time. I did not create the list and unfortunately I have no idea where I found it so am unable to give credit to the person who went to the effort to compile it.



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Software For Sale

I’m currently changing direction with my business and moving into some different, but clearly defined areas – all will be revealed soon – although I think some of my plans have already been ‘leaked’ due to my excitement about the future and my inability to keep quiet 🙂

In fact here I go again – these are some products and areas that I will be involved with in 2014 and beyond:

Due to this change in direction I have decided to put some of my existing products up for sale – outright purchase including full Source Code, Intellectual Property, Copyright, Domains, Support etc.

All of the software is written using Xojo / Realstudio and some of the products use plugins from Monkeybread Software.

I’ve had a lot of interest in the few times I’ve mentioned this so I am in the process of putting together a sale page, which I will document here when complete.

Software Sale


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Mutual Appreciation

I am writing this on my Macbook Pro, sitting at a desk in the office of one of my customers. I have a desk, chair and a cup of coffee.  Why am I here, doing this ?

The customer is Evolve Automotive and I am here for a few hours whilst they add dark tints to my car windows. Yes they look cooler than Frozen Vodka, but the main reason for the tinting is the increased security they offer.

This post is not about window tinting however (or the gorgeous dipping and wrapping services they offer – see the Facebook Images)

This post is about mutual appreciation, co-operation and the benefits of working with and appreciating your customers and suppliers.  If I didn’t have the relationship with them that I have then I wouldn’t be sitting here tapping my foot to Shania Twain who apparently ‘Feels like a Women’.  From what I remember she’s a fine specimen of one as well, but I digress …

Join Hands

Despite the image above (which reminds me of a Coca Cola advert from the 70’s) I am not advocating that we all sit around with acoustic guitars and tambourines and sing ‘Kumbaya’ together.

What I am saying is that whether they are a supplier or a customer you have a relationship with them. Take advantage of that existing relationship and turn to them first when you see an opportunity for business to be reciprocated. They might even let you work from their office for free for the day 🙂

Whilst here this morning I have commented on a blog post written by one of my customers – also an active member of the #avyoursay local business group, contacted another customer who is heavily involved in the voluntary sector – with a view to working together on a future project, emailed yet another customer who is also part of my Mastermind Group, – regarding building a mailing list, spoken to a supplier of office space on behalf of a customer who needs office space and made contact with the Director and the Chairman of the governments new Year of Code initiative.

If your day job can become more like chatting to, meeting and hanging out with friends then how much better does does that make your quality of life ?

It’s a no-brainer as the Americans would say 🙂


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Knowledge Is Power

Scientia est Potentia is the common translation. Not that that matters in the slightest, unless of course anyone ever asks you the question and then you may gain from knowing, maybe credibility, maybe respect – maybe both. After all, Knowledge is power.

In business, knowledge is key. Knowledge of your products is very important, knowledge of your competitors is important, knowledge of when taxes need to be paid is also important. Of over-riding importance however is knowledge of your customers and of your target market(s).

Knowledge in these areas more than any other determine whether your employees are paid this month, or not. Whether you drive a nice car, or ride an old pushbike. Whether you live in a house or sleep on a park bench.

CRM has been described in many different ways. To me it is simple. CRM should provide the tools to help you obtain, retain and use the knowledge of your customers and your target markets, to allow you to better serve those customers and markets and to help you make your own business successful.

With knowledge comes the ability to service those customers and those markets more effectively. To look after them and become known as a company who cares. You can’t care about what you don’t know.

Knowledge gives you the tools to become successful. Use them wisely.

Because Knowledge *IS* Power.


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CRM: Contact Notes

Just a quickie today – for ContaxCRM users who have recently purchased the software, here is the single annotated image that explains all you need to know about adding Notes to a CRM contact.

ContaxCRM Notes


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Xojo Building Blocks

Today I purchased the domain I have several products that are just about ready to be featured and a number of other ideas and resources that I want to include on this site to create a resource for Xojo Components, Modules, Frameworks etc.

There is not a lot to see yet, however that will change shortly 🙂





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jSql == oneSql

As per the title, the beta product previously know as jSql has now been renamed oneSql. The main reason is that I did not want the unnecessary and undesirable association with Java.  Not that I have anything against Java, but I think when it comes to User Interface Java applications are overly compromised and I just didn’t want to foster that association.

It’s also just a better name and suits the future direction of the product.oneSQL Logon


oneSQL Legend

If you are interested in receiving a copy to play with before the official launch, then just leave your Name and Email Address below:


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