oneSql PostgreSQL Support … Soon

By popular demand PostgreSQL support is being added to oneSql.  It’s not there yet but it will be available very soon.  Click here if you are interested in being a Beta Tester.



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A Good Friday. Life is Good.

Finishing the week on a couple of high points;  Firstly I saw this tweet from a customer, Abacus Belper, when I got home from the office tonight:


Thank-you very much for that ladies – much appreciated 🙂

The second event although far less important, nevertheless makes me happy – see the image below for the results of my Broadband Speed Test.  My ISP (BT) rocks 😉


Happy customers, fast internet and the weekend to look forward to. Life is good. Happy Weekend. 🙂


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oneSql: New Beta Available

There is a new Beta Edition of oneSql available. This update to oneSql adds an Import Data option to the Tools menu. This new menu option opens the Import Data window where you can setup your import structure.

This is done in the Configure tab of the Import Data window. You can select the type of file that you will be importing (delimited by Tab, Comma or Semicolon), you then select the Database Table you wish to import into.

The next thing is to Double Click the Columns that you wish to update.  Double Clicking in the Available Columns list moves the Column to the Selected Columns list. Double Clicking in the Selected Columns list moves the Column back out to the Available Columns list.

You can reorder columns by selecting the column and dragging it within the list.


Once you have configured the import to match your import file, click the Import tab. Here you can see we have two buttons.  The first button loads your text file into the import list and the second button marked Save creates the necessary import statements behind the scenes and writes your import file to your database.


Once the import is complete the import list is cleared and you are told how many rows have been processed.

Note the Checkbox options to ignore the first line (if you are using column headings in your source file) and to remove double quotes (often seen in badly formed import files).

The third tab option, Templates, is not yet implemented. This is where you will be able to save your import configurations and give them a name so that you can retrieve them quickly and use them again at a future time. A potentially very useful facility. Let us know if you would find this feature useful.


If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester for oneSql, please click here:

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