Xojo Generic Listbox Export: Tab, CSV and JSON

The following piece of code is written in the Xojo language (highly recommended by the way) and is a method that takes two Parameters, a List Object, and a Descriptive Type which is a String that can only be one of the following values:

  1. “,” – Comma, Standard Comma Separated CSV
  2. “;” – Semicolon, Alternative CSV
  3. chr(9) – Tab Character, Tab Delimited
  4. “JSON” – JSON Structure

Click Here to Download Code


The contents of your specified ListBox will the be output in your chosen format 🙂

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A Good Friday. Life is Good.

Finishing the week on a couple of high points;  Firstly I saw this tweet from a customer, Abacus Belper, when I got home from the office tonight:


Thank-you very much for that ladies – much appreciated 🙂

The second event although far less important, nevertheless makes me happy – see the image below for the results of my Broadband Speed Test.  My ISP (BT) rocks 😉


Happy customers, fast internet and the weekend to look forward to. Life is good. Happy Weekend. 🙂


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oneSql: New Beta Available

There is a new Beta Edition of oneSql available. This update to oneSql adds an Import Data option to the Tools menu. This new menu option opens the Import Data window where you can setup your import structure.

This is done in the Configure tab of the Import Data window. You can select the type of file that you will be importing (delimited by Tab, Comma or Semicolon), you then select the Database Table you wish to import into.

The next thing is to Double Click the Columns that you wish to update.  Double Clicking in the Available Columns list moves the Column to the Selected Columns list. Double Clicking in the Selected Columns list moves the Column back out to the Available Columns list.

You can reorder columns by selecting the column and dragging it within the list.


Once you have configured the import to match your import file, click the Import tab. Here you can see we have two buttons.  The first button loads your text file into the import list and the second button marked Save creates the necessary import statements behind the scenes and writes your import file to your database.


Once the import is complete the import list is cleared and you are told how many rows have been processed.

Note the Checkbox options to ignore the first line (if you are using column headings in your source file) and to remove double quotes (often seen in badly formed import files).

The third tab option, Templates, is not yet implemented. This is where you will be able to save your import configurations and give them a name so that you can retrieve them quickly and use them again at a future time. A potentially very useful facility. Let us know if you would find this feature useful.


If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester for oneSql, please click here: http://bit.ly/1lq3kk8

oneSQL Legend




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oneSql: Support Window

Available from the oneSql Help menu. This window will also appear in other products as a standard feature allowing customers to email support directly from within the application. From my point of view the email will automatically contain everything I need to know about the version of the software they are running, which will help me greatly.



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CRM: Contact Notes

Just a quickie today – for ContaxCRM users who have recently purchased the software, here is the single annotated image that explains all you need to know about adding Notes to a CRM contact.

ContaxCRM Notes


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Demomaster: Printed Media

This is an image of my CRM system, blackdogCRM, displaying details of my most recent supplier. Note the ratings; I am seriously impressed with these guys. So if you need any custom CDs or DVD’s printing you should give them a try.  www.demomaster.co.uk



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#AVYourSay 12 Top Tech Tips


[1] – Mind-Map your LinkedIn Network http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com: http://bit.ly/VBn5sR   

[2] – Export all your tweet history from Twitter, Settings > Account > Your Twitter Archive.
[3] – No plugins required to display your tweets on your site – Use Twitter Widgets.
[4] – Change the name of your wireless network so that it doesn’t identify you, the isp or the router.
[5] – Ensure your routers administration webpage is not left with the default password. 
[6] – Don’t use the same password for multiple devices or services.  That is asking for trouble.
[7] – Consider your needs.  Do you really need a new computer or will a Tablet be sufficient ?
[8] – Use a PC all day ?  Consider your Mouse and Keyboard and invest in quality.
[9] – If a backup is not automated, It doesn’t count !  Consider cloud backup options.
[10] – If you have never tried Evernote.  You should. www.evernote.com.
[11] – Even the last 4 digits of your credit card could be enough to open yourself up to ID theft.
[12] – Do you comply with the Data Protection Act (UK) ? http://bit.ly/11IJF2k


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