oneSql Database Tool

I'm a new user of oneSql. I'm nicely impressed with the first use of the product. I can get to the data I need in the database. I look forward to experimenting with scripts and extensibility.' - Duane

I believe oneSql has found its niche; simple and powerful. Unlike many other SQL Tools oneSql is slim and easy to work with' - Dennis


oneSql is a Stand Alone SQL Query, DML and Data Import / Export Tool for SQLite, MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, built using Xojo and the DataViewer Components.

Why oneSql: The Benefits

  • One SQL Tool for Mac, Windows or Linux
  • One SQL Tool for SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MySQL
  • Small and Lightweight, Approx 20Mb for all Versions
  • Simple, Fair and Inexpensive Licensing
  • Easy and Simple to Use
  • No Installation Required
  • Written and Supported in the United Kingdom
  • Corporate Licensing Available
  • 50% Discount for Education Establishments and Students
  • 50% Discount for Charities and Non Profits

User Prompt Fields

UPFs are field templates that are setup in advance and saved with the script. When the script is executed the user is prompted for the necessary values to use. This video shows how this works.

… and The Features

  • SQLite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Very Small Footprint. 20 Mb
  • Objects Tab - Tables, Views and Columns
  • Fully Customiseable Results Grid
  • Auto Highlighting of SQL Keywords
  • User Editable SQL Keywords List
  • Built in Script Library
  • Example Database Supplied
  • Export Data in Tab Delimited Format
  • Export Data in CSV (Comma) Format
  • Export Data in CSV (Semicolon) Format
  • Export Data in JSON Format
  • Save and Load SQL External Scripts
  • One Click for Record Count, any Table
  • Quick Query One Click to Fetch 20 Records
  • One Click to Fetch All Records
  • Insert a SQL Template
  • SQL History List - Double Click to Recall
  • Windows Sizes and Positions Saved on Exit
  • List View Configurations Saved on Exit
  • Option to prefix Columns with Table Name
  • Option to append a Comma to the Columns
  • User Input Prompts
  • Parsing of Multiple Statements
  • Sequential Statement Execution
  • Highlighted Statement Execution