New Improved Homepage

This is our new homepage. Based on customer feedback I think it successfully now fulfills the following criteria:

  • Uncluttered
  • Explains What We Do
  • Explains Where We Are
  • Shows Images of Our Work
  • Promotes Social Sharing

I hope you like it 🙂 home page Banner

Some More Book Feedback


Steve, I wanted to let you know, really enjoyed reading Securing The Network.pdf [it] was well written and very authoritative. A great reference book, thanks again for making it available. Sincerely - John

Hi Steve. I downloaded and read the book. This is a great book. It explains the details of security at a level clients understand. I’m going to suggest it to clients and other consultants. Thanks for making it available. - Duane

You can get your free copy of 'Securing the Network' from here

Great Feedback :-)

I thought I’d take a break from a really tricky PHP / Javascript programming job, and post this feedback that I received very recently for a CMS Website I’ve built for a Customer 🙂



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Customer Feedback

All I did was send this customer a new license for R10Cipher after he lost his license during a reformat of his hard disk.  This was his reply:

Thank you, Steven. Looking forward to your next gem. – Joe

It means a lot to get thanked like that. Cheers Joe.




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