Free: macsFileTool

Over the next few weeks I intend to release a number of my software products, free of charge for personal, non-commercial use.  These will generally be small utility products for Mac OSX and Windows.

If you find my software useful and you feel you’d like to help with my personal quest for a USA PRS Guitar then feel free to make a donation via Paypal.  My address is 🙂

The first product released today is macsFileTool.


Product:      macsFileTool
Purpose:      Quick Batch FileName Renaming
Platform:     Windows and Mac OSX
Size:         5Mb
Copyright:    Steven John Cholerton



macsFileTool is very simple and very easy to use.

The features are explained in the captioned Image shown below:





Using R10Clean to de-duplicate a text file of names and email addresses. R10Clean is available to purchase for either Windows, Mac or Linux, for £10 from here:

Sales,Distributor and Dealer Enquiries to:

New Support Forum Coming Very Soon:


First Images: New Product

These are the first couple of images I have released of my new Windows and Mac OSX software product. More to follow over the next few weeks. 

The first customers for this new product will receive it in the next couple of weeks or so – with a general public release to follow in September.