Chris Fanthom

Managing Director

TMB Limited


Our custom ArtenSUITE module is fantastic for our company needs. With everything processed and stored on the web, but accessed from the desktop it has removed any need for an internal IT department. Steve not only create our software, he maintains our data and back ups and remotely maintain all our systems. He is always available and reliable. I could not recommend him more highly.


Ian Hall

Businessman, Investor, Entrepreneur


I have worked with Steve on many IT projects and he has never ceased to amaze me by his work ethics. He always delivers a first class product in super quick time. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.


Brian Conrad

IT Project Manager

Armitage Venesta Washroom Systems


Steve was engaged by RS Building Products to work closely with the internal IT department on a significant data migration project between a legacy Unix system and a Microsoft SQL database solution. He had various objectives which were accomplished with very little supervision, and the quality and consistency of work was outstanding. An extremely conscientious individual, and one who I would have absolutely no hesitation in engaging again, or in recommending to any other organisation who requires projects to be completed correctly and on time. I have worked with many IT contractors, and I would have to say that Steve is most definitely in the top 10%. I look forward to working with him again.


Danny Price

Software Developer

Utopia Furniture Limited


Steve has been an inspiration to me from the moment I began my career as an IT professional. He is highly dedicated and extremely passionate towards his work, I would not hesitate to recommend Steve’s services to anyone.


Amanda Shepherd ACMA

Group Financial Director

RS Building Products


I had the privilege of working with Steve Cholerton for 5 years. During this period, an entirely new ERP system was created by Steve. This included Stock Control, MRP and Finance module on which I worked closely with Steve on the specification, which Steve then wrote according to my requirements. I found Steve to be extremely passionate about his work and his vision was inspiring. I would not hesitate to use Steve’s services again or recommend them to anyone else.


Ken Walker


Items UK


Having worked with Steve for many years I find that he is an extremely conscientious and highly motivated Individual who always strives for excellence, and I have found his attention to detail is highly commendable.


Darren Sheffield

Financial Controller



During the seven years that I worked alongside Steve, I never had reason to doubt his ability or commitment and will have no hesitation contracting Steve again in the future should the need arise.


Mike Haycox

IT Support Analyst

DOCdata UK


Having worked as part of Steve’s team for a number of years I found him to be notoriously thorough, highly dedicated, and an extremely passionate IT Professional.


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